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The world shopping scenario has fast changed over the years and it is now mainly based on electronic way of buying and selling almost every item on earth. Online shopping, also known as online retailing enables the consumer world over in directly buying products or services from the seller over internet without any middleman involved in the deal. Today, vast online shopping expansion manifests itself in the terms such as e-store, internet shop, webstore, online shop, online store, virtual store etc. the terms like business to consumer [B2C] and business to business [B2B] have come up to signify the spread and growing importance of world online shopping. Online shopping has given rise to the huge online retailing corporations, which have become center of buying and selling of products and services for the people across the globe. Simplicity of buying the products has been the leading cause of rapid growth of online method of shopping. Better education and income as well as access to computer are cited as reason for consumers favoring the online shopping. Many payment methods such as cash on delivery, cheque, debit card, direct debit, gift cards, wire transfers etc have evolved today for the convenience of the online consumers when want to buy the products or services. Besides the convenience of purchasing the products right from home and getting them at the doorstep, another reason for the popularity of online shopping is its cost-effectiveness. Since online retailers do not have to spend on maintaining a brick and mortar physical shop, the sellers can always share the profit with the consumer by reducing the prices. In fact, the prices online are way cheaper due to huge discounts, benefiting the customers in a big way. Abstract Canvas Paintings We have several different types of art for sale. In general, most of our paintings fall into the following categories: landscape, abstract, still life, floral, nude, figurative, animal, and cityscape/rural. Although trying to categorize some pieces of art into a single category would be doing them a disservice, we use these groups to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for. Each painting is a one-of-a-kind creation. We do NOT sell any fakes or reproductions. Every single painting showcased on this site was examined and hand-selected by an experienced team of art professionals. We know how to find incredibly talented artists, whether they're already famous or still waiting for the spotlight to find them.

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